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        In recent years, many enterprises and units attach great importance to publicity, and often install advertising splicing screens in meeting rooms or shopping malls and other public places to play advertising or promotional videos. Recently, the Marketing Department of open enjoy Intelligent technology has received many inquiries about the installation price of splicing screen. So today xiaobian will sort out the general situation in the market.


        Splicing screen has different types, according to the size, gap, brightness and function of factors such as the following:


        1, for example, by screen theme size: Splicing screen size includes 46 inches, 49 inches, 55 inches and 65 inches. Since the 65-inch spliced screen has a single screen resolution of 3840x2160, its price is much higher than that of the 49-inch, 49-inch and 55-inch spliced screens. There are also huge price differences between screen sizes.


        2. Image processing equipment. The processor of spliced screen, different display mode, application processor is different, the price also has a big gap, so before determining the price, we need to know the device type of front end.


        3. Installation, installation location and transportation cost. If it is a remote guide, there is no charge. If you do not trust to install by yourself, you need to provide on-site installation service, and certain installation fees will be charged according to the size and location of the project.

        4,按平縫是影響面板價格的主要因素。常規平縫有:3.5mm、1.8mm、1.7mm、0.88 mm等尺寸的,由于生產工藝的影響,拼接面板的平縫越小,價格越高。


        4, according to the flat seam is the main factor affecting the panel price. Conventional flat seam: 3.5mm, 1.8mm, 1.7mm, 0.88mm and other sizes, due to the impact of the production process, the smaller the flat seam of the splicing panel, the higher the price.

        By brightness: high, low and custom brightness. Divided by function: seamless splicing screen, colorless splicing screen, OLED splicing screen and seamless colorless splicing screen


        The price of different kinds of splicing screen has a common rule, that is, by the square by the price. According to the brand, the main part of the screen, the video processor, whether there is a mounting bracket, resolution, specifications and other different factors combined with the cost of transportation and installation will produce different price plans according to different projects, the price is 100 to 300 yuan/square.


        The most important thing is to combine their own situation, choose their own splicing screen to install. It's not that more expensive is better. As long as it is suitable for their own needs and in the acceptable range, choose a professional responsible splicing screen manufacturer by line installation. Hangzhou open enjoy intelligent technology is a professional LCD splicing screen installation manufacturers, fair price, serious service. Sincerely welcome your telephone consultation: Manager Chen 15858162482.

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